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Religion - Where Is Integrity In Religion Recently!

As I admitted before, I'm completely against organized religion, so, as is definitely one of what I can point to as good reasons why. Individuals will always get power hungry and money. And many times, churches start very loads of business. In read more...

20 hours ago

Following The Paths Of Life In Spiritual Way

Its a classic shame that this simple man, could sink so small. I know if I told a preacher this same story, that he could praise the lord and then counsel her not to fall into temptation. Not judge your loved one. All in all, I look in any way read more...

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Free And Full Christian Service

Gunnar: I think it's the initial one: Where is the beginning? If there is
discover here who created your husband? If there is no read more...

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War Memorial Only Honors Those Within The Christian Religion

If spiritualism doesn't tell its followers what to believe, how does it function to guide its followers on the Spirit Route? The answer is found in the Declaration of Principles that holds that all person is accountable to their own actions, in read more...

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Free And Full Christian Service

Gunnar: I think it's your initial one: Where is the setting up? If there is a creator then who created him? If there is no creator then how did everything come to exist? This is really a question that can keep your mind occupied.


1 month ago

Can There Be A Christian Witch?

I am curious though, as I sit and ponder it more and more, was it really precisely the diversity that broke the stronghold? Or was current dramatic changes that the religion attempted to take when? Is Christian Rock just to much for the rest in th read more...